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Julia Gilligan
2017-10-03, 13:14
The Hickman Humane Society is grateful that you have our information here to share with the public. We would appreciate it if the name were corrected though. There is no reference to "County" in our name. We would also love to have a link to our website if you would like to include it.
We can also be contacted on facebook.
Thank you,
Julia Gilligan
President, HHS
[The name has been corrected. The website is linked through the online directory.]
2017-06-01, 11:34
Hickkan count won't allow single wide trailers but it allows abandoned houses and trash.
2017-04-26, 10:05
Boyce road is absolutely ridiculous , they fill the pot holes and when it rains its back to the same thing , i see the county paving other roads in the county,they should re do old airport road and boyce road , there is a lot of traffic that goes down both roads and the people driving those roads everyday will start to have car repairs needed because of these roads and me personally i will be sending my bill to the county to pay because its their roads causing the damage to my car and others ,the patches are not the solution please find it in the budget to pave these roads Thanks
Alan BalaziGuest
2017-03-15, 21:30
It would be great to have a Dunkin Donuts on the square and a Tractor Supply in the former Shopco. And a clean up along rt'100 of old buildings and abandonded trailers
Sheryl zajac
2017-02-01, 18:36
Who do I contact about low income housing in hickman county?
2016-09-26, 08:14
I can't find the business hours for different departments. thanks, MM
Mark M
2016-09-26, 08:12
I can't find the business hours for different departments. thx
Kim Whitley
2016-09-21, 16:44
Need information on outstanding tickets. Glenda somebody says my nephew has 4 from over a year ago that the state only knows about one. (Which has been cleared with the state but not with the county). Glenda talked to me like I'm ignorant. She had an attitude that someone in her position should not demonstrate. I finally interrupted her condescending and said just give me the damn ticket numbers. She hung up on me. This is not professional at all. I need someone to call me with the information we need in order to get my nephew legal again. The state will send the clearance letter as soon as the reinstatement is paid but they will suspend it again as soon as these supposed unpaid tickets show up (over a year later). Please help us with this. Glenda is rude and unprofessional....
Kimberly Whitley
2016-09-21, 16:30
I called the clerk today inquiring about some outstanding tickets. Glenda claims my nephew has 4 unpaid but the state has no record of them. She talked to me like I'm ignorant. I asked her to just give me the damn ticket numbers so we can get them cleared. She yelled at me AGAIN and hung up on me. Still don't have the information we need and it seems there is no one else we can talk to to get what we need. I have several college degrees and am not stupid by any means. I would greatly appreciate the information we need so we don't reinstate based on what the state has just to have her finally send in the ticket information from over a year ago and have to reinstate again. Please let me talk to someone mature enough to have decent people skills.
2016-07-16, 11:21
Where did the hours of operation for the waste sites go? It used to be easy to find, now I can't find it anywhere.
2016-05-31, 07:47
Can you put the 2015-2015 budget on-line please?
Kathy Redden
2016-05-26, 10:16
[Documents added in Downloads - Thanks Kathy.] I can not locate the County financial records on this site. All the finance records (from the old site) needs to be rolled over to this site. I have to compare different years with spending to know how to cut our budget which we are being ask to do Tuesday night. I have nothing to work with without these records.
Cassandra Young
2016-05-19, 21:41
[Fixed - test pages removed - Thanks Cassandra.] There are a couple of pages that aren't in English: Major Decision Over the Last Year & How to Prepare to Be a Commissioner. Why is that?
2016-05-02, 00:46
[Fixed-test page removed] Most of the citizens of Hickman County will not be able to read the Broadband comments. Please use English.
2016-05-01, 12:42
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