Director of Finance

Annette Elliot, Director of FinanceThe Director of Finance, under the supervision of and subject to the policies and regulations of the Finance Committee, is responsible for administering the finances of the county for all funds handled by the trustee, in conformity with generally accepted principles of governmental accounting and rules and regulations established by the state Comptroller of the Treasury, state Commissioner of Education, and state law. The director oversees the operation of the department of finance and installs and maintains a purchasing, payroll, budgeting, accounting, and cash management system for the county.


  • Maintaining sound fiscal procedures in all accounts and financial activities.
  • Issuing purchase orders for all departments and maintaining purchasing records including all accounts receivable and payable.
  • Maintaining payroll and benefit records for all county employees.
  • Preparing budget documents as well as budget amendments
  • Keeping tract of all county indebtedness and schedules of repayment.
  • Working with the Trustee in reconciling all county accounts.