County Trustee

Cheryl Chessor, County TrusteeThe trustee serves three primary functions: (1) collecting all county property taxes; (2) keeping a fair regular account of all money received; and (3) investing temporarily idle county funds. In addition, the trustee disburses sales tax revenues and may collect municipal property taxes and other state and local taxes. The trustee must keep a detailed account of these transactions.


  • Collects and keeps a records of all county taxes.
  • Handles investment of idle county funds.
  • Reconciles check warrants with bank daily.
  • Helps citizens who qualify apply for and receive tax relief.
  • For announcements on this website, see the  events calendar . Important county meetings generally require public notices to be displayed in advance. Most meetings are announced in the Hickman County Times, the local newspaper. Some announcements may be announced in social media

  • Search for your property. If you see a shopping cart, click on it to pay the taxes due. (Note: there is a 2.75% processing fee. (Click to expand to full page.)
  • Property Assessor's WebsiteUse the Property Assessor's website to find maps of your property or other properties and to interact with the Property Assessor's office.

  • Property deeds, Wills, .... and other documents must be registered in the Register's office for a small fee. You will need to bring the following documents:

    • Deeds
    • Quit Claims
    • ....
  • If you are looking for a site to locate a new business or industry, the Industrial Development Boards and Vision Hickman, the  Hickman County Economic and Community Development Association , may be able to help.  

    The Executive Director of Vision

  • County Districts of Hickman County

    There are seven districts in Hickman County, Tennessee, represented by 21 county commissioners--three from each district elected by the voters of Hickman County. The commissioners meet throughout the month in committees deliberating on issues to bring before the main body

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