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1. Collins, Todd | County Commissioner

5554 Lakewood Drive, Centerville 37033, Tennessee 931-670-3395
Legislative Body

2. George, Ronnie | County Commissioner

10291 Tennessee 46, Bon Aqua 37025, Tennessee 931-670-6023
Legislative Body

3. Page, Austin | County Commissioner

8091 Johnny Crow Road, Lyles 37098, Tennessee, Hickman County 931-623-2299
Legislative Body

4. King, Corey | County Commissioner

106 Columbia Avenue, Centerville 37033, Tennessee, Hickman County 931-626-0105
Legislative Body
  • For announcements on this website, see the  events calendar . Important county meetings generally require public notices to be displayed in advance. Most meetings are announced in the Hickman County Times, the local newspaper. Some announcements may

  • (Posted at the request of Mayor Mark Bentley)

    The U.S. Census Bureau is ramping up for the 2020 Census and is recruiting for temporary jobs available in Tennessee. The Census Bureau is recruiting thousands of

  • Search for your property. If you see a shopping cart, click on it to pay the taxes due. (Note: there is a 2.75% processing fee. (Click to expand to full page.)
  • Property Assessor's Website Use the Property Assessor's website to find maps of your property or other properties and to interact with the Property Assessor's office.

  • Property deeds, Wills, .... and other documents must be registered in the Register's office for a small fee. You will need to bring the following documents:

    • Deeds
    • Quit Claims
    • ....
  • County Districts of Hickman County

    There are seven districts in Hickman County, Tennessee, represented by 21 county commissioners--three from each district elected by the voters of Hickman County. The commissioners meet throughout the month in committees deliberating on issues to

  • If you are looking for a site to locate a new business or industry, the Industrial Development Boards and Vision Hickman, the  Hickman County Economic and Community Development Association , may be able to help.  

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