About the People

 Hickman County is a very rural county with woodland making up the largest land use of the 613 square miles. There are only about 40 people per square mile. In 2012, the county population was estimated to be 24,170 (all rural), an increase from 22,295 in 2000. 

Most homes have a mortgage or loan. In 2010, of the 6,480 houses or condos, 4,058 were under mortgage; 2,866 were owned free and clear. A substantial part of the population lives in renter-occupied apartments. There were 2,052 apartments in 2010 up from 1,601 in 2000. Approximately 20% of the population rents living space as compared to 32% statewide. The cost of living is low with an index of 81.7, significantly lower than the national average of 100.

Hickman County has a smaller than average minority population.

  • White alone, percent, 2013:92.9% vs 79.1% statewide
  • Black or African American alone, percent, 2013: 4.9% vs 17.0% statewide
  • Two or More Races, percent, 2013: 1.4% vs 1.7% statewide
  • Hispanic or Latino, percent, 2013:2.0% vs 4.9% statewide

Age Distribution in Hickman CountyThe population in Hickman County peaks around people aged in their mid-fifties. A sizeable part of the high school graduates leave the county for education and employment elsewhere only to return at retirement. A priority for the community is to find ways to provide suitable employment for high school graduates and college graduates who otherwise leave for better employment elsewhere.

Other Information

Other facts from 2013 include

  • High school graduates: 75% vs 85% for the state
  • Bachelor's degree or higher: 12% vs 24% for the state
  • Military veterans: 1,900
  • Average travel time to work: almost 40 minutes. Many people work out of the county.
  • Average value of owner-occupied housing: $139,000
  • Per capita income: $25,409
  • Median household income: $44,298
  • Percent below poverty level: 17.6%