There are two primary areas served by the utility companies: Centerville area and the East Hickman area.

Water Systems

The town of Centerville serves the center portion of the county. Facts include

  • Source: Swan Creek
  • Capacity:  2,300,000 GPD
  • Current Consumption:  1,500,000 GPD
  • Storage Capacity:  2,000,000 Gallons

The Bon Aqua-Lyles Utility District serves much of East Hickman. Facts include

  • Source: Piney River
  • Capacity: 1,300,000 GPD
  • Current Consumption: 950,000 GPD
  • Storage Capacity: 1,300,000 Gallons


The area other than East Hickman is served by the Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative as one of five counties in the cooperative. East Hickman is served by the Dickson Electric Service. The Tennessee Valley Authority is the source for both utilities

Natural Gas

The town of Centerville manages the natural gas delivery system with gas provided by the Tennessee Gas Pipeline.


The town of Centerville provides sewer service for Centerville. Facts include

  • Type of Treatment:  Secondary
  • Capacity:  750,000 GPD
  • Current Usage:  450,000 GPD
  • City Sewer Coverage:  75%
  • Storm Sewer Coverage: 75%

The Water Authority of Dickson provides sewer service from East Hickman High School along Hwy 46 to Dickson County.

Solid Waste

Hickman County provides county-wide solid waste collection. Facts include

  • Local Provider:  Hickman County
  • Method:  Collected and Transferred