About this Website

This Official Website for Hickman County, Tennessee, has been created by the Hickman County Economic and Community Development Association, commonly called Vision Hickman.

While it is still in the final stages of development, it will replace the contents of the somewhat dated http://www.hickmanco.com when all changes have been made.


This website serves two distinctly separate groups:

  1. The people of Hickman County. It provides a directory to the functions and officials of the Hickman County Government and related offices that also serve the people.
  2. People outside Hickman County. It is the front door to Hickman County for people seeking information about the County.

How You Can Help

Your feedback is very important. Your review of this website can help it improve and meet the community's needs. You may

  • Discover that you need information that is not on the website
  • Find errors and mistakes in the information
  • Find errors in grammar and spelling
  • Have a better idea for showing information
  • Suggest ways to make it easier to navigate
  • Find information that is out of date or that should be removed.

You can add your comments.

You can read the comments of others (We do moderate the comments before publishing them.)