Hickman County is richly blessed with many, small places that are very interesting, very pretty, unusual, of historic significance, or blessed with other features that are uncommon in other regions. The Chamber of Commerce maintains a listing of such places along with contact information for visitors.

Old Grist Water Mill

On Leatherwood Creek.  Parts of the mill still remain in log cabin that was built by the Brooks family when they settled there in 1799.  Presently a Spring Water Marketing Operation.


Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls
Jackson Falls on the Natchez Trace Parkway

A historic rest stop on the Natchez Trace near Shady Grove.  Large spring and waterfalls made this a good camping place for troops traveling down the Trace.  Among them was Andrew Jackson, for whom the falls were named.

Baker's Bluff

bakers Bluff

One of the most scenic views along the Natchez Trace.  It overlooks Duck River and fertile farmland, typical of this area.

The Gordon House

One of the oldest homes in Hickman County, it was built around 1817-18 by Captain John Gordon.  He was a prominent early settler, first Postmaster of Nashville, owner of a trading post and ferry on Duck River.  His acclaim as a fearless fighter and spy was acknowledged from Nashville to Natchez.  His home is owned by the Natchez Trace Association and has been restored outside.

Natchez Trace Parkway

A National Parkway of 450 miles from Nashville, Tennessee, to Natchez, Mississippi, goes through the southwest corner of Hickman County.  It was first an Indian trail, then a post road, and widely used to transport troops and supplies.  It gives the traveler a peaceful drive through beautiful countryside, with many historic sites along the way.  No trucks or commercial vehicles are allowed.