Legally Dispose of Solid Waste

When the facility your use is closed, whether it be the Transfer Station, one of the Convenience Centers or the Roving Convenience Truck, it is illegal to leave material on the ground outside that facility or on the ground in general.

The facilities have set hours that they operate for your material, and refuse may be disposed of only during those times. This is not just a county law. This is a state law. When material is left unattended we get in contact with the 7th District Tennessee Highway Patrol Litter Coordinator. If we furnish him with names from this material, even if they were not the one's who left it, they are subject to prosecution which could result in stiff fines and penalties.

All solid waste facilities in Hickman County operate on a set schedule unless it is a legal holiday. Please keep your community and county clean. If the facility you use is closed when you arrive, please be responsible and do not leave your waste on the ground. The hours of operation for all facilities is given below.