There are many services provided to the people of Hickman County by the county government. Most of the time, the service is provided very efficiently and with high quality. When that happens, the various managers need to know that their department has done well. We also know that services are not always delivered as people expect. Sometimes we make mistakes; sometimes we can't do what people want. We need to know about those issues too. We've provided a feedback form for each of the departments.

Planning and Zoning Map

This zoning map is accurate as of December 10, 2018. The following color code system shows the zoning classification for Hickman County property outside the city limits of Centerville, TN.

  • General agriculture, and rural subdivisions (A-1) - Uncolored.
  • High Density Residential  R-2 
  • Commercial  C-1 
  • Mixed Commercial  PC-1 (part A-1 & part C-1) 
  • Light Industrial   I-1 
  • Heavy Industrial  I-2 

Resource Maps

Other resource maps are on the Hickman County Industrial Board website.

  • Soils map
  • Zoning map (with Centerville city limits)
  • FEMA flood map
  • Land cover map
  • Bon Aqua Industrial Park utilities map


Learn About Upcoming Meetings

For announcements on this website, see the events calendar. Important county meetings generally require public notices to be displayed in advance. Most meetings are announced in the Hickman County Times, the local newspaper. Some announcements may be announced in social media like Facebook or on this or other websites. The public is welcome at almost all meetings with the exceptions being confidential meetings with attorneys or those with sensitive information.