There are a number of organizations that provide services to Hickman County and surrounding counties. Sometimes these services are given to county and city officials to help them carry out their duties. In many other cases, these organizations provide services directly to local citizens in cooperation with local county and city government.

Career Services

The Career Centers, located in Centerville and surrounding counties, provide the connections between job seekers, employers, and workforce development partners. Their services concentrate on education, training, and access to the resources job seekers need. This often includes job counseling, testing, and a search for assistance to those that need additional education or training. Most employers work directly with the Career Centers for job postings.

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South Central Development District

The South Central Tennessee Development District (SCTDD) helps local governments in

  • Researching, obtaining, and administering federal and private funding
  • Promoting and enhancing the quality of life in South Central Tennessee
  • Developing jobs
  • Upgrading the labor force
  • Raising the per capita income of the region's citizens
  • Attracting and retaining industry and furthering economic growth
  • Enabling better transportation systems and infrastructure
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for member governments with information concerning federal, state, and local services
  • Identifying the needs and advocating services for the elderly population of the region
  • Improving relationships between all branches of government.

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Buffalo / Duck RC&D Council

The Buffalo-Duck River Resource Conservation and Development Council is a non-profit organization, locally governed by a board of directors, and sponsored by county and municipal governments and soil conservation districts to address priority needs in Tennessee’s Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Wayne Counties.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of life through natural resource management and conservation, and the advancement of economic, educational, social and cultural opportunities working in partnership with national, state, and local Resource Conservation & Development Councils.