Career Services

The Career Centers, located in Centerville and surrounding counties, provide the connections between job seekers, employers, and workforce development partners. Their services concentrate on education, training, and access to the resources job seekers need. This often includes job counseling, testing, and a search for assistance to those that need additional education or training. Most employers work directly with the Career Centers for job postings.

Workforce Services for Employers

Employers often have trouble with high turnover rates. That makes it difficult to find and keep qualified employees. Employers have trouble investing in training programs when employees leave before the returns from training show up. These problems put extra burdens on the other employees through extra hours of overtime more shift hours.

The Career Centers use the National Career Readiness programs (NCRC) to assess their incoming and current workforce. Obtaining a certificate helps to achieve substantial benefits. These include

  • A cost-free service to employers
  • Excellent, proven skills evaluation tool
  • Improved employee selection and advancement procedures
  • Time invested by candidates in completing testing process demonstrates their commitment to the job seeking process
  • Ensures the candidates hired have the skills to successfully perform the job
  • Generates pool of promotable people
  • Reduced overtime
  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer legal challenges to hiring processes
  • Higher employee morale