Federal Agencies

While there are many Federal agencies that affect life in Hickman County, three agencies in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have particular importance.

The USDA Farm Service Agency supports farms with the production of affordable food, fiber, and fuel. In Tennessee the agency administers farm loans, farm programs, conservation incentives, price supports, and disaster assistance in 59 county offices and 8 farm loan teams across the state.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service assists farmers and other landowners manage their natural resources including soil, water, plants, animals, and associated cultural resources. The agency has a long history of providing technical services including engineering of conservation practices, soil surveys, agronomic evaluations, and conservation planning. The agency works very closely with the Farm Service Agency.

The Rural Development Agency has a $212 billion portfolio of loans as it administers $38 billion in loans and loan guarantees and grants through our programs in the current fiscal year. The loans, grants and loan guarantees are for people and communities in support of housing, economic development, water systems, health care, infrastructure for electricity, communications infrastructure, and first responder services and equipment. The agency enables economic development by through loans to businesses through banks, credit unions and community-managed lending pools. The agency helps rural residents buy or rent safe, affordable housing and make health and safety repairs to their homes.