Brief History

In December 1807, the Tennessee General Assembly created a new county, Hickman County, out of the early Dickson, County, TN. Representative Robert Weakley specified in the bill that the new county should be named in honor of Edwin Hickman. 

County History

Joyce MayberryWritten by Joyce Mayberry
Co-County Historian
Hickman County Historical Society

Hickman County was established in December 1807. The county was named for Edwin Hickman, who was part of a surveying party that came here in 1791. Edwin Hickman was killed by the Indians and buried near the outskirts of what is now Centerville.

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Edwin Hickman

In April 1791, Edwin Hickman, a native of North Carolina, led a surveying party into what is now Hickman County.  Hickman’s party included James Robertson, later known as the Father of Middle Tennessee; Robert Weakley, who also played a prominent role n the early history of the state; and others.  The party camped at the mouth of a small creek on the north side of Duck River opposite the present site of Centerville.

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Valuable Water

There are more springs and scenic waterfalls in Hickman County than any other county in Middle Tennessee. Much of the spring water is so pure and soft that it requires little, if any, treatment for drinking. Some of the creek and rivers are unusually pure and clean as well.

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