Brief History

County Seats

County Seat Historical MarkerIn 1807, the county extended all the way to the present Alabama State line, and Vernon, on the Piney River, became the first county seat. Major changes to the county were soon to follow.

By 1820, several new counties had been created out of Hickman County, and a movement began to move the county seat to a more central location.  In 1823, the new town of Centerville became the county seat.  As a result of the bitterness over the change, the old log courthouse at Vernon was dismantled at night and hauled to Centerville, along with the court records.  Other Hickman County communities in addition to Centerville and Vernon include Aetna, Bon Aqua, Coble, Farmers Exchange, Little Lot, Lyles, Nunnelly, Only, Pinewood, Pleasantville, Shady Grove and Wrigley.